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Overcoming writer's block

Sep, 29 2015 19:09

​A psychologically astute TED talk by Sting in 2014 about returning to one's place of origin to reclaim something of value. It brings to mind Jung's period called his "confrontation with the unconscious" when he gave himself over to the impulse of his unconscious and as a grown man began playing again with building blocks as he had done at the age of ten or eleven. ""Aha," I said to myself, "there is still life in these things. The small boy is still around, and possesses a creative life which I lack. But how can I make my way to it?" For as a grown man it seemed impossible to me that I should be able to bridge the distance from the present back to my eleventh year...the building game was only the beginning. It released a stream of fantasies which I later carefully wrote down. This sort of thing has been consistent with me, and at any time in my later life when I came up against a blank wall, I painted a picture or hewed stone."  (C.G. Jung, "Memories, Dreams, Reflections").