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The importance of love and encouragement in fostering creativity

Sep, 23 2014 10:09

A moving 2012 TED talk by children's book writer and illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka reminds us that negative parenting can be amply compensated by the care and attention of others.

Krosoczka reminds us how important grandparents and teachers and mentors can be for fostering our creativity. Despite a drug addicted mother in and out of prison and father who was no where to be found, a good-enough home was provided by loving grandparents. They gave Krosoczka the foundation he needed to continue developing his creative spirit.

Nonetheless, for whatever reason, not everyone has sufficient internal resources - and life may present us with new challenges for which we are ill-equipped. When this is the case, the work of analysis can constellate these more positive archetypal structures which provide the foundational support required for us to flourish in our relationships, our work, and in life.